home of stone

stoneThe home of stone Ltd is run by Richard Holland.

I have been buying, selling and building with stone for over 20 years, the last seven years have been dedicated, with a small workforce, to just stone.

cutterOur operation includes quarrying, myself buying raw stone off other quarries, buying demolition stone or demolishing and reclaiming stone myself.
We then process this stone in our excellent facilities to provide our customers with one of the widest choices of stone around, often better quality and price than going to the quarries yourself.
I import flagstones and slate from India and travertine from Turkey.
So you can see a visit to us is well worth it.


We already have a large number of customers, ranging from stone and builders merchants, to builders and the general public.

Although this website is a great place to show our products there is nothing like seeing the real thing, so do come along to our quarry and I can direct you to pubs, house and churches where our products have been used, so you can see the stone in its true setting.

Because of the heavy nature of the product we are not interested in enquires from far away, unless you are willing to come and see our stone for yourself.